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Glydea 60e


Glydea 60e

Glydea 60e

Glydea 60e - Curtain Motorisation

Expanding your horizons
Motorised curtain is fast becoming a common feature of most top-of-the range projects such as high-quality hotels, luxurious homes, and meeting and conference venues. Glydea provides a convenient solution for glare reduction and privacy while also reducing energy cost, and protecting furnishings from damaging UV rays.

Glydea™ - Expanding your horizons

Easy installation, with spring loaded one-touch hardware
Touch Motion feature, allows the opening and closing movement of curtains by simply pulling the fabric.
Effectively increasing the curtain fabric lifespan
Low noise level, at 44dba
Patented Cover neat design, hides all the cabling in its sleek matt silver casing, and protect the connectors and the control plug in modules inside the motor
Reduced gap light, well-designed rail and swivel ceiling bracket
Adjustable limits, allow the curtains to fall beautifully in style when opened
Flexibiity, where flexibility is a rule, Glydea can be adapted and applied to an endless range of curtains in all types and shapes.
Glydea control options: WT, DCT, ir, RTS and RS485

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