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Motorise curtains to change your environment easily


Motorise curtains to change your environment easily

The advantages of motorization





Motorise your curtains with Somfy’s Glydea curtain motorised system

Curtains design plays a big part in every home decoration. And choosing the right curtain fabric and curtain track system will jazz up the look and feel of your home.


Motorised curtains are fast becoming a common home feature in most high-end residential estates. And because of the numerous benefits it can bring, motors for curtains are no longer a prudent investment that’s only made by premium 6-stars hotel!


Why should you motorise your window curtains?

You can install Somfy motors or automated systems when renovating or building a new home. In fact, your window coverings can be easily automated with the right resources and vendors. Even more importantly, by installing motors for your curtains, you and your stylish living space stand to gain numerous benefits.

Press a button on your remote controlled curtains, and your window curtains start to glide quietly from side to side – and stop wherever you want them to.  As your motorised curtains operate smoothly in a controlled manner, they will retain their sheer and shine longer.


The fabric of automated curtains is known to last longer than manual curtains. That's because with curtain motor, manual pulling and tugging (actions associated with wear and tear) are no longer necessary.


Because Somfy's Glydea curtain motorisation systems are easily concealed behind a decorative headrail or valance, your automated window treatments will also have the same aesthetic appeal as a manual curtain and match any decor. Automated window treatments will also save you time, just press a button to change the position of your remote controlled curtain or home automation system without having to go from room to room.

A good motorised curtain system not only adds class and personality to your living spaces. It also helps to save your designers’ furniture from fading. Heating and cooling expenses will also be reduced!


Try Somfy motorised curtains configurator to build your personalised solution. Or, tell us your requirements and our recommended Somfy certified retailers can work out the right solution for you.


Give your residential home a 6-stars hotel treatment today!


Try the motorised curtains configurator to build your personalised solution.  Click on the 'Configure your solution' link below to build your project based on your requirements.

Motorise curtains to change your environment easily

The benefits of motorised curtains ...

Sit down and relax

You don’t have to get up from your seat to operate one or several curtains all at once. Operate them effortlessly by a simple press on your remote control handset.

Can't find your handset right now?

No problem, manually operate the curtains - it won't adversely affect the motor or curtain track and will operate as normal when you find the handset again!